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Investment Opportunity #133

Investor Return: 9% pa

LVR: 55%

Location: Bankstown & Bringelly, NSW

Loan Amount: $6,682,000

Property Value: $12,150,000 (combined)

Loan Term: 12 months 

Settlement date: Mar 2016

banner 2Credit Connect Capital Ltd (CCC) is a public company that holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). We are fund managers that are licensed to operate a mortgage and property fund. CCC is dedicated to the achievement of consistent and superior performance to both its investors and its borrowers.

CCC manages the Credit Connect Select Fund which provides investors access to high returning, well secured mortgage investment opportunities while at the same time, assisting borrowers to fund their various properties or projects.

CCC manages the Credit Connect Property Trust which provides investors (such as non residents, investors and  SMSF’s) with the opportunity to invest in specific property developments, where they could own their own property within a specific project and/or develop and sell properties that CCC would manage for them.

With the principals having over 50 years collective experience in mortgage lending, property development, fund management, immigration and legal experience, Credit Connect Capital offers investments to retail, wholesale and sophisticated investors.

Our investors range from charities, corporations, public and private superannuation funds, religious groups, sovereign wealth funds, high net worth individuals, private lenders and family offices. With our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding Credit Connect Capital is able to meet the needs of our investors based in various regions throughout the world.

  • We adhere to a thorough and disciplined investment process. Only if we believe the investments are of the highest quality and suitable for our investors do we make them available via our website for their consideration.
  • Our sole focus is to ensure the best possible outcome for all of our stakeholders in pursuit of their goals.
  • Our high-calibre team of experienced investment executives actively manage our investments through to realisation.

If you require information about Credit Connect Capital Ltd, our management team, our private lender assessment, the investing process or just general information, please contact us on 1300 795 507 and speak with one of our friendly staff.